I give her watermelon and fruit. The nursing aid told me to take her to the ER for an IV but i have no way of getting her there.

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Pediolite, diluted Gatorade & smoothies.
Costco has a pet product that claims to hold 4 cups of fluid.

Inexpensive - $16 for 100 approx. 2' thin mats.
Absorbz is the name. Pet stores carry it as well. Good for chairs & car seats if she leaks.
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Sorry ... Dad needed me.
Are you both happy living together?
How isolated are you? ( I feel that you are isolated now, as am I while caring for Dad)

Himself refuses to drink anything but coffee or wine despite the urologists warnings. His prostrate enlarged to the poin t he now has a full time catheter to drain several times a day.
Not your problem, there...

What are we gong to do with your mother?
Is she open to wearing diapers? Maxi pads?

Is she OK voiding on her own? Peeing when needed? The scariest thing is having them back up or clog - the urine poisions their system & their mind. Somehow, the mind & the bladder are connected.

In my experience, you must do everything, like it sounds your doing, to keep fluids entering her.
There are several medications which are suppose to help.
Detrol LA, etc.
Google bladder control.
Let her doctors know first!

We are with you here!

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I read your other post.
DO you have assisted living apartments nearby?
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If you think your Mom needs emergency medical care, call EMS.
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