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People do die from LBD and Alzheimer's, though some live with it for five years after diagnosis and other can live for twenty. Much depends on their overall health.
Vascular dementia of happens because of strokes, so there may be an increased risk of stroke, which can kill people.
If you are wondering about pain or end-stage dementia, I'd advise talking to the doctor about hospice care. They can help people through the last stages.
Take care,
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Dear Caregiving friends:
Ester wanted to know if her mom is aware of her coming time.
I am answering here as opposed to Ester's wall because maybe someone else could use this info.
According to my experience with my mom:

yes, she knows.
it will be ok if you just make her comfortable and spend time with her holding her hands and telling her how much you love her and how proud you are of her because she is so brave.
There are a series of books that were given to me when my mom was dying:
if you go to bkbooks and get those pamphlets 3 bucks a piece, they will describe to a T what is happening and what is going to happen.
Treat her as if she is aware of everything and then you don't have any doubts.
my mom died in her own bed holding my hands and looking into my eyes, she had Dementia and she was absolutely aware of what was going on.
this type of Dementia is tough because there are long moments of lucidity and it is very confusing to the caregiver.
As far as the speech, that goes and is called Aphasia. (sp?)
My mom had that too. I worked very hard to understand her.
Ester, you have our support. this website is a life saver.
Please keep us posted on you and your mom.
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Ester, I hope you have had a good Thanksgiving.
what is your question about dying with Dementia?
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sorry i misspelled your name.
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