My mom may have to sign her checks over to a personal care home I’m thinking of placing her in.

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Kinderdoodle Dec 6, 2018
When we went through this process, we had to have my Mom sign the papers in the presence of the Notary. I think she will have to go with you when the forms are notarized. Can you help her practice signing her name on a line? Hopefully she will be considered fit to sign the papers, or there is a chance the Notary might not allow her to sign the forms. We went through a bank that carries a CD for my parents, but other banks told us they no longer will deal with the signing of wills, forms, etc... Try to research who will handle this process for you, and then try to be sure your Mom is having a good day before you attempt to visit a Notary. Don't forget to have her practice signing her name, since many elderly haven't had to sign their name in years. Hope this helps. :)
You need a financial POA. If Mom has Dementia and can no longer make informed decisions then she also cannot assign you Financial POA. She also cannot sign any paperwork placing her in a home or signing over her SS. Which is not exactly how that is done. The facility will ask SS to make them payee but someone has to give them permission.

If Mom can understand what is going on, I would get that financial POA now. If not, guardianship is your next option and that takes time. Moms money can pay for the guardianship.
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Marisky Dec 6, 2018
She already had set up the documents for a POA and signed them years ago. I guess I would have to get them notarized or something. I was trying to hold off getting the POA but she’s taken a turn for the worse mentally.
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