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Yes. If it’s done within the 5 year look back, it will count as an asset and it will affect your eligibility.
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Definitely consult with a good Elder Care Attorney. This will cost money, but the facts will be quickly and easily laid out for you, and it is well worth an hour of your time and the cost involved.
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Please fellow members this person is just asking a question.

You cannot put money in a trust when applying for Medicaid. Its called trying to hide assets and its fraud.

Medicaid has a 5 yr look back. No money within that time can be put in a Trust. Medicaid is for people who are low income. They have no money. You are allowed your home, but none of your money can be used for taxes or upkeep, a car and 2k in the bank. This is basic. More to it if there is a community spouse involved.
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There is no simple answer to this.

If you put your money in a trust 5 years before you need Medicaid, then maybe.

Best to consult a certified Eldercare attorney who understands Medicaid law.
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