Dad has medical coverage through the VA, and I keep getting emails from Medicare about making changes to his coverage soon. Does he even still need Medicare coverage? We live in WA and he has a terminal illness.

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I would advise that you do not interrupt the status quo; especially since he has a terminal illness.  It is difficult to predict what services, outside of VA, that he may need.  Without Medicare, he might be facing some extreme medical bills.  The emails from Medicare might be annoying, but the best approach to that is to see if he actually NEEDS what Medicare is offering.  In a lot of instances, Medicare says that some people need additional drug coverage, but in your father's circumstance, this may not be the case.  VA usually covers all prescription medications, but there is always the possibility that he may need a drug that is outside the VA coverage.  Medicare, Part D drug coverage has a help program for people with low income, who cannot afford part D, if they wish to have it.
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Have worked in healthcare over 30 years...agree with Barb, very suspicious about the EMAIL contact.  Normally they communicate via conventional mail only-no calls or emails unless you initiate.  Be careful!!  the last thing you need at this time is identity theft to clean up.  Best-ss
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Are you sure that the emails are from Medicare and not a phishing scam?
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My Dad was a veteran of combat. (WWII).
His doctors were all VA.

but, VA still bills for their service. Better to have Medicare...unless he can pay those bills himself.
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The VA has all different levels of coverage & you don't say what type your dad has. Whatever the case, your father has Medicare Part A coverage that he doesn't have to pay for. If he needs to see a doctor outside of the VA, then he needs to have Medicare Part B. Even then, your dad may have co-pays with both Parts A & B, which his VA coverage does not cover. It's a complicated situation & I think you need to find out exactly what sort of VA coverage your dad has before anyone can advise you properly.
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I'd keep your Dad's Medicare coverage, as others have recommended. VA Health uses Priority Group ratings for each patient, and those rating levels impact VA coverage. My own Dad (98) is terminal with a priority level of 3 and though disable in WWII, he absolutely needs his Medicare and supplemental.

Off topic for FYI, I want to share something that was very difficult to learn from the VA. This may have changed since last year, and this may be specific to the Detroit area only. VA Health offers Palliative but not Hospice service. But VA Health does cooperate with other hospice services, and provides "hospice beds," which I presume means VA-contracted facility beds for patients approved for same via a hospice provider AND at least one VA physician. I learned that in Dad's case, if he ever requires skilled nursing, that VA-Detroit would find a placement for him either in a VA Hospital or a VA-contracting facility. Medicare and supplemental would absolutely be required in that case, even at Priority 3. Dad's income would go to the VA 100%.
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EDeanW May 28, 2019
Does your father have Aid & Attendance stipend?
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Not sure how the VA works but I think you still need Medicare and the VA becomes ur secondary. We have friends were the husband is a Vet using the VA for his doctors and hospital. His wife has to buy her own secondary because she is not a Vet. I would say the VA requires Medicare.
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Thank you all for your help! It's been hard to reach anyone to get all the answers I need, everyone is so backed up. We will continue with the Medicare coverage dad has.
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Medicare will provide hospice 100% , at no cost to your dad
Once on hospice they pay for 100% of there comfort meds , they provide all devices, ie bed,walker, or wheelchair , diapers, wipes, ensure, respite for care giver if at home , if patient is a NH or assisted living they will follow patient and work hand and hand with the facilitie. They generally provide 2 Doctors for consulting and providing scripts, generally 6 months service with a renewal script to extend the service .
VA will provide meds at a discount rate but only generic, Medicare has different tiers for meds with a copay only slightly more than VA . , they also require you see their doctors to receive a script. You didn't say if dad was still at home or in a facility
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If you aren't a disabled veteran you have to pay at the veterans nursing home. We paid $12,000 a month for my Dad. It's not free. Check out everything
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