My mom has Tricare military insurance as well as Medicare does she need to do open enrollment for Medicare?

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I’m not sure if she needs to do open enrollment for Medicare this time or not? Her tri care and Medicare together cover 100% of her medical now. I just know if we need to update it?

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Jann, I am moving your post back closer to the front page to see if there are any caregivers out there that are familiar with Tricare military insurance.
I’m not sure but I believe it has to be done by 12/15. I would call Medicare ASAP.
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My wife and I both have Medicare and Tricare. We have had them for about six years now and have not had to update anything other than up dating Deers when the id cards needed to be renewed.
Medicare has remained the same. Deductions taken every month.
Tricare has an office somewhere that you can contact, depending on where you live.
Information should be available online for both.

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