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I don't think there is a medicare requirement, but there may be other regulations of policies that apply. The psychiatrist who treats me for Major Depressive Disorder cannot renew my prescriptions if she doesn't see me at least once a year. It is her practice to insist on more frequent visits, often every 6 months, sometimes "make your next appointment for 3 months," and she extends the prescriptions accordingly. It would not surprise me if a phone visit or an e-visit were acceptable for the interim visits, especially if it were very difficult for me to come in person. It isn't, so I see her when she tells me to.

My endocrinologist insists on seeing me and having lab work at least annually in order to renew my insulin and other medications. I don't think he'd accept a phone or e-visit without lab work.

My podiatrist office has explained they can't bill medicare unless I have seen my referring doctor within a certain number of months (I think it is 6).

So I know that more frequent contact than annually is required sometimes. I'm not sure if this is ever a Medicare requirement.

If your doctor is willing to call you, that sounds good to me!
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A phone call?
There is no requirement to go to the doctor.
My experience is with original Medicare. Not sure about the Medicare advantage plans.  

Let me add. Your doctor may have a requirement that you come in but it’s not s Medicare law. 
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