Does anyone know how to go about finding out how the money of an estate was spent by the power of attorney? I am sure there is foul play right down to having her life shortened by not feeding or hydrating her purposely, then dosing her with meds and letting her choke on her own spit up. It's horrible to know people are so cold.
I just want peace for my own mind that things were either kosher or foul. But I won't be ok until I know for sure? How can I find out where the 300k went and the money that she had left me is supposedly all gone too? Thanks

Asked the POA the Executor. If so, this would be a problem. You can call Probate in the County the person resided in. Ask if the will has been probated and if so who are the beneficiaries. Also, who is Executor. If probate is closed and you have received nothing the Executor needs to give you an accounting. You can also request an accounting from the POA. They are not to spend money entrusted to them on themselves. If they have you can sue.
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if you think someone is in danger - not feeding, hydrating, meds and choking

you can report it to adult protective services in your area.
did you watch those things happen, how do you know?

are you related to the POA? they should be keeping records of money spent and on what.

how do you know 300k is missing??

She left you money. ...have they passed away already or still living....?

sorry im a little confused.
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The Executor has the right/responsibility to make sure the POAs records are legitimate. Is the Executor of the estate the same person as the POA? If so, one recourse would be to seek counsel from an attorney and/or file a report with either the probate court of police department.
What period of time did this happen over? If it was an extended period of time, why didn't you raise some flags during that period? Are you sure you were even named in the Will? What is your relationship to the deceased?
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