Our father passed away in 2017. Since that time he cashed in her investments and put the money in a LLC ACCOUNT of which he is the managing partner. Her house is to be left to my sister and I and the money as well. Land goes to him. he had my parents sell their existing land and buy in a different location. I could go on and on.

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Well. Among other things, it seems that LLC accounts are recommended for people or businesses needing a separate banking facility to avoid co-mingling of funds. Nothing wrong with that, then.

Cashed in her investments... what are your mother's care costs? How are they funded?

Would you rather he sold the house and moved your mother into alternative accommodation?

I'm sure you understand that your mother's money must first be used to pay for her care. Your and your sister's legacy will then be what remains.

Did your parents lose or gain on the land deal? Is this asset now appreciating? Is it that you think the land should be sold off? Or what?

Fact is, care is expensive, and the money has to come from somewhere. Another fact is that your mother appointed your brother to act for him.

What do you think he is stealing, and why do you think that?
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You can call Adult Protective Services and tell them you think your brother is mismanaging your mom's money but unless you have proof not much will be done about your complaint. Do you or can you get proof?
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