My 93 year old mother has suddenly become fecally incontinent. Does anyone know what kind of adult diaper is best for this, because it's leaking out all over her and the carpet?

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Abri Form 4 diaper
Have saved my life, the bed was wet every morning. I also put a cheep depends over them to keep them in place. As for diarrhea, my Mother has that also, she won’t sit on the toilet very long without yelling. I give her 1/2 of Imodium weekly to keep it firm. But my Mother can’t drink any of those adult drinks give her diarrhea. Lots of things give her diarrhea, any change of medicine, any milk products like Carnation Instant breakfast. She only drinks water now.
Hope this helps.
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anunusualwoman May 23, 2021
Is she lactose intolerant?
I also have some bowel trouble.I have had good luck with Northshore their diapers work real well on me.I'am also senior 83 but good luck.
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(((Hugs))) spirtu. I never found a product that was good at absorbing runny feces, making sure it fits snuggly around the legs was the best strategy but in our case too snug = painful chafing. Try getting her to the bathroom and having her stay on the toilet after meals (or whenever she normally goes), this isn't always successful but even one less clean up is helpful. I had some limited success with men's sport boxers (the kind with longer, snug legs) to help contain things. And more solid movements are easier to contain so start thinking about why she is so loose if this is a regular occurrence.
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