My grandmother lived with my aunt and was doing fine. My other aunt is a hospice nurse and took it upon herself while the aunt she lived with was out of town to take care of my grandmother. She had COPD and was on hospice and let them put her on liquid morphine in March to help her breathe. It was the Saturday before Easter Sunday and she started to shake uncontrollably after the dose. I was p*ssed but what was I to do. Never realizing that this was going on every day every 4 hours. As the days went on she got weaker and could hardly eat or drink anything, but still acted fine talking and in her right mind. the last week of June the aunt she lived with was out of town and the hospice aunt and her fourteen year old daughter took care of her and overdosed her on liquid morphine. This was on a Tuesday and Friday she died. Before the coroner got there to get the body they got rid of the morphine about 5 bottles of it . Since she is a hospice nurse she has a arrangement with the funeral home owner. Her body was closed casket and they were not allowed to share any details with anybody. Afterwards hospice destroyed her records like she never even existed on this earth. This same aunt went on to a cousin, her best friend’s husband and a great aunt all within a matter of months. how sad it is that they can get by with this and never be caught. Are can they by the great lord jesus christ!

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I am sorry for your loss. I do think the whole funeral home connection is not likely

Medical records are required by law to be kept intact and safely stored for 7 yrs (it may be more or less but used to be 7 or 10) before they can be disposed of.

I am sorry for your grief but I do not share your opinion on hospice care.

I hope you find peace after all this.
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Bulls**t Bullsh**t Bullsh**t!!! I get so angry at hearing these stories of how Hospice Kills!

Hospice Does Not Kill people.

Hospice Nurses Do Not Destroy Medical Records or have ARRANGEMENTS with Funeral Homes!

All People on Hospice Do Die, as we all eventually do.

I am Sorry that your Grandmother died, but You have a very vivid imagination, and should speak with a Counselor about your Grief, and you should not go about accusing your Hospice Nurse Aunty of murdering your Grandmother or other people, that is just not what Hospice Nurses do, or how Hospice works.

The whole premise of Hospice is to give folks with end stage illnesses and who are nearing the end of their lives, a Peaceful end that is as dignified, as pain free and as stress free as humanly possible.

Now, did your Grandmother have symptoms after a dose of Morphine? Perhaps, but many medications do have side effects, and do also consider that with end-stage COPD, there are also horrible side effects just from the constant struggling to breathe, and this also may have been what was going on, plus the bronchodialators, and prednisone that patients with COPD often take can also cause severe shaking.

I know that with my own MIL with end of life COPD, her hands were often shaky, and were were purple, and her coloring was grey, she was very weak, and she had little appetite. COPD is a very difficult disease to live with, and it is very sad to watch a Loved one die this way.

Until you have been a Primary Caregiver to a Loved One at home and on Hospice, caring for them as they are slipping away day by day, sometimes minute by minute, and all that you can do is try to ease their suffering, and to make them as comfortable as possible, you really do not know how very difficult that this journey truly is. I am sure that your Mother, your RN Aunty and the Hospice Care team did everything humanly possible to make your Grandmother's transition to the afterlife as kind and as loving as possible.

I have been that Caregiver twice, once for my own Mother and once for my FIL, and it is so difficult and so scary as you try to do the right thing by you Loved one, so please try to understand that your Grandmother was going to die, and she deserved to go in peace and not to struggle there at the end, I am sure that everyone was doing the very best that they could in such a tragic situation, but do not taint her death by placing false accusations against her own Daughter who Loved her very much and was only trying to ease her suffering by administering the Dr. Prescribed Medications, as that is exactly what she was supposed to do.

Again, I am sorry for your loss!
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There are several threads already dedicated to this topic. Go to search and type in hospice killed my loved one.

I'm not trying to brush you off but this discussion has been had numerous times on here.
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