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Start the conversation now with his GI specialist or PCP. You can have the assessment completed and get the services he will need in place.
Request palliative care first so if you need to transition him to hospice it should be seamless.

Endstage Cirrhosis can progress rapidly especially after hearing what’s going on now with his frequent paracentices.

As stated below, hospice nor palliative care will come to your home to provide 24/7 care. If this is your goal he will need to be admitted to a free standing hospice center.
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Your husband’s doctor has to refer him.
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You contact a hospice organization for an evaluation. They will tell you if he qualifies, and how much help to expect. Has he decided to quit treatment? That may factor into whether he qualifies. You will get access to nurse, help or complete coverage of equipment and comfort meds, a person to help bathe, perhaps a volunteer to sit with him for a period of time or health worker for a few hours once or twice a week. The hospital social worker can give you names of hospice companies to call.
You do understand hospice care at home will NOT be 24-7 with Medicare, right? Family will still be expected to provide a majority of hands on care.
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