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Their is a charitable organization called interfaith community services and they offer this services for those that are unable to do the work. This is in Tucson but you could check for a similar organization in your area.

It is free and volunteers do the work, but you might find one that offers discounts for eligible people.

If you have a gospel rescue mission they are in the business of helping people get back on their feet, we have used several people for projects around the house and it worked well.

Just some ideas about where to start looking.

Please come back and let us know what you figured out, it helps all of us when we share are solutions. Thank you.
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I have a fellow who comes to do my pruning. I found him online and he does a great job.

In Canada, some Veterans have access to funding to cover the cost of yard maintenance.
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Small trades people and handy workers often leave their name at local hardware stores. That's how we found the man that cares for my parents yard. He is reasonable in price and does a good job.
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Call your local Area Agency on Aging for low cost maintenance services. They may have a directory of volunteers, Boy Scouts, etc.
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Since we are a world-wide website, it wouldn’t be possible for us to keep lists of landscapers, etc in every city in every state in the USA.

School will be out for the summer soon, and if you have access to Facebook, you might want to search on there for a teen who wants to make some extra money. You can also call local high schools, Senior Centers or churches to see if they have anyone who does this for extra cash. If you have a neighbor who uses someone for their yard, pay a call and ask them.

Last resort is to call a bona fide landscsper. But, they are expensive. Spring yard clean-up, including bush trimming could run into the hundreds of dollars. Lawn mowing here is $25 per cut.
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JoAnn29 Mar 17, 2019
Thats cheap. Its 50 and more here depending on the size of the yard. My Moms is about 2 lots and I get that done for 50. And the guy is doing me a big favor.
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