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Hi, Genesis317: This is not really an advertising bulletin board, but more a forum where people who are doing caregiving connect with others and share ideas, suggestions, help. That isn't to say I think it is not allowed here for you to advertise, but I am not certain. Glad you are a caregiver out there working with others for it certainly is need, and I am sure if there are folks interested in the Indianapolis area they may reach out to you.
We often on the forum don't know where to tell folks to go for help. Perhaps you can help US by telling us where you advertise your services. We sometimes tell people to check with their churches and etc. Where do you think they should best check for a CNA such as yourself who would be willing for work for them for an hourly wage. So many need help, even if just for a respite afternoon off, knowing their loved one is being safely watched over.
Do let us know where you think people should best check for help.
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