Hi, So I've been doing some research on W2 and 1099. I've seen all the forums explaining the difference, but something I came across is a companion sitter. A term I was never aware of. Based on the information I found, a homemaker/companion sitter fits the bill of what I'm looking for. Has anyone done this? How would you define a companion sitter/homemaker vs a caregiver and if so what kind of forms did they fill out? A 1099? Did you create a contract? Based on the information provided on the IRS website, they're considered Statutory Non-employees which means they're considered self-employed. Anymore information or advice would be greatly appreciated!

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I hired a companion to sit with my wife while I went grocery shopping. The companion fixed a lunch and ask about meds. She would only ensure meds were taken or not. They do not administer any medications. They will call for help if need be but will not administer to an injury or bandage.
I rehired two for a long day, about 15 hours, when I had to have stints installed. The companion provided transportation for us to and from the hospital and sat with the wife as well as took her to eat as needed (my treat), and any assistance wife may have required for bathroom calls.
I did use an agency that specializes in companion care and will use them again. My cost was $18.00 per hour plus mileage. I found them thru our doctor that is treating her FTD.

Best of luck.
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In the process of finding nonmedical home care, I ran across that title, of a companion. From what little attention I've paid to the companion care, it seems the rates are higher - up to $5 per hour higher. I've never quite understood why someone who just sits would be paid more than someone who works.

Apparently the individual just sits with the individual, and/or talks, but doesn't perform any other tasks.

This was through an agency, so the companion would have had her/his deductions taken by the agency.

I do recall another private duty company which also had companion sitters, who apparently did nothing except stay with the older person and keep him or her company. Again, they would have been paid by the agency.

The VA offers some companion care as well.

If you hire someone directly, and not through an agency, then you would be concerned with the tax implications. And they would be covered by the contract the agency prepares.

One of the local senior centers also has free companion sitters. I don't know if they offer a short visit or a more longer one. This is through one of the best senior centers in the area. Not all senior centers offer this service.
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Dear boombop,

I'm not really sure but I wonder if might be worthwhile to talk with an accountant and about the tax implications. Or even a social worker.
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