OK, I’ve tried searching the archive, and I don’t see a response to cover this.

My husband was sent to a “skilled nursing” facility for 17 days for OT/PT rehab after more than 2 weeks in the hospital. He has Alzheimer’s. He was urinary incontinent when he went in, and they sent him home yesterday fecal incontinent as well. So now the Depends Fit-Flex pull-up briefs aren’t cutting it anymore, since they have NO protection in the back/underneath. The facility luckily threw some of the diaper-style briefs with tabs into his belongings (they stole just about every other article of clothing). Problem is that the directions on the package are crap (pardon the pun) and I cannot get the paper off the “sticky” part of the tabs! I never had children, so I’ve never had to deal with a diaper in my life, and I am BEYOND frustrated. I had basically two days to get a hospital bed, wheelchair, gait belt, raised toilet seat, new sheets, grab bars, etc. etc., scramble to get a company to send a “caregiver” (they sent an EIGHTY YEAR OLD who had a touch of dementia himself!), and now I am just too beat down to deal with diaper tabs!

Do any of you know if there’s some “trick” to this?


Gee, what a nightmare. You have so much on your plate. I can’t get over an eighty year with dementia old being sent out as a caregiver! That’s wild!

When I was looking into a care facility for my mom, I had the opportunity to speak to the head nurse. Normally someone else gives the tour of the facility but she was out that day and the nurse gave the tour. She was quite helpful in answering all of my questions. My mom has incontinence too.

The nurse at this facility said that they order products in mass quantities so they can get a bulk discount and even offered to place an order for my mom if I wanted her too.

I would contact several facilities and explain your situation and ask them which products did they recommend that would be easy for you to use. Worth a shot. They deal with those products all of the time and can possibly steer you away from the ones that are most difficult and suggest the most convenient ones to use.

Good luck in receiving answers and most of all in getting help for assistance for your husband.
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tvdavis - If possible, take the diapers back to the facility and ask a nurse/aide how to use it. I'm sorry for your frustration. Incontinence stinks (pun intended.)
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Hi, TV. Is there an 800 number on the packaging that you can call? Or check the manufacturers website for that?

The tabs on most diapers have one edge that is not adhesive. It's usually the edge that is closest to the diaper itself. Try bending the tab at each edge and see if something pops up that you can grab. Also, please try this with a diaper you are not trying to use. Take one into a place with good light and fiddle around with the tabs.
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