I have had a nightmare situation concerning implant dentures. I am on my 5th dentist and now an attorney for malpractice. The dentist I am seeing now has informed me that my previous work is not satisfactory and needs to be redone. I have already paid $25,000.00 for the dental work I have had done and cannot afford to have the work redone. It was a hardship for me to pay out the first $25K. Now I need an advocate to help me find an affordable way to stabilize my mouth. Where can I go to get the best information on how and what I need to have done? My denture over implants keeps breaking the screws holding it in my mouth. I don't think new implants are necessary. I think a new prosthetic should work. I don't think it should cost $20,000.00 my latest dentist has quoted me.

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I had an implant that took months, was very painful, and is now quite difficult to clean around - I keep getting told that I should look after it better or it will have to be removed. I might perhaps consider an implant in my front teeth area that affected the way I look, but I would never have another implant molar again. You have my sympathy.
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I went to two of the dental implant centers you see advertised on TV. I did not care for either of them. I then went to a periodontist. I ended up having him do the work. I was very pleased with the results and had no problems in the 18 months since then. I paid $26,000. I would recommend going to a periodontal specialist for an evaluation. I would also report problems to state dental board.
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