Dad has LBD and has always had fluctuations anyway. This past week we had aides, nurse, social worker and chaplain in the house. Dad didn't turn a hair at any of it, though he had some rough times during a couple evenings with anxiety and agitation. He didn't mind when the aide showered and shaved him. Didn't mind when the nurse took vitals, etc. But the past several days he's been so much better and so good that it's even more difficult to think about what will be happening tomorrow, especially for my Mom. We know this good spell won't last, but it still hurts! I'd appreciate any good thoughts that might come my way...

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VH, this must be very difficult for all of you that dad is going through a good period when he will be going to a facility tomorrow. Is it really a good period or perhaps a wish or hope that this wasn't happening and not seeing what is really happening? Are you there with him or is it just your mom?

The difficult behaviors will return and I'm sure they are much more common than the good. I don't know how I would feel as I have never had to go through this, but it is probably in my future. And I think that I would try to convince myself that we can go even a bit longer keeping my mom at home. But, would this be best for my mom and myself? What would happen to mom if something were to happen to me? Then placement would become an emergency because there was nothing planned, take what could be found. And by placing him while mom is still healthy will aid in the transition for your dad, but very hard for your mom. Make sure you are there for her and talk with her daily, she will also get her life back. She has given so much of herself to your dad she probably isn't sure who she is any more.

Best of luck to all of you! HUGS
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