He doesn't appear to have sleep apnea or narcolepsy. I wondering if this could be a early sign of dementia. He falls asleep watching TV, at the computer, and when reading. He does stay awake when mowing the lawn, driving, etc. Any thoughts or advice???

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It could just be that he is getting old and slowing down. Thank God he doesn't fall asleep while driving! That's what my dad did! My folks are 10 years older than your dad and sleep probably 20 hours a day.

Have him go to the doc for a physical that includes blood tests for thyroid function and testosterone levels. Low thyroid function can lead to fatigue and sleepiness, as can low T. Both are easily remedied. Be sure to tell the doc about him falling asleep in front of the TV, if this is unusual behavior for him.

He may also not be getting good sleep during the night, which is something you wouldn't know. A sleep study could rule out apnea or another sleep-related problem. The individual is not always the best judge of whether they are getting good sleep. Does your dad wake frequently to use the bathroom during the night? That can prevent the deep sleep he needs. An enlarged prostate (very common in men his age) can be the culprit there.

Lots of possibilities, but only the doc can rule them out.
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What ailments/medical conditions does he have, if any? Has he been to see his doctor?

Sleepiness is not indicative of dementia. It could simply be his age.

Signs of dementia include:
Dementia symptoms vary depending on the cause, but common signs and symptoms include:

Memory loss
Difficulty communicating
Difficulty with complex tasks
Difficulty with planning and organizing
Difficulty with coordination and motor functions
Problems with disorientation, such as getting lost
Personality changes
Inability to reason
Inappropriate behavior
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