It was a lack of understanding VA rules and regulations, that Mother was not included in the original application, just a few months ago. I just want to do whatever is necessary to make sure Mother draws spousal benefits. She will be living on a $700 Social Security check without the spousal VA benefits I have read that she can apply now, while Dad is living to speed up the process in the event of his death. Is this true and how do I go about getting this and whatever else has to be done?


Concerned Daughter

You need to talk to a VA rep. Mom will have to prove that her health costs are more than her income. This pension is not an automatic thing. She could have applied the same time Dad did and not get it.

Your Dad only receives 700 a month in SS? Did he work till retirement age? Mom never worked? My Mom received 1500 a month and that is with Dad getting SSD in his early 50s after working 30+years.
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