Where to find a "cup" that my mother can use at night to drink water while she is in bed?

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She gets dry mouth. She won't use the dry mouth sprays. We have used bed side cups with lids and straws jutting out like they use in hospitals. She falls asleep before putting them back on the night stand and they seep water all over her and the bed. I have tried numerous brands of baby sippy cups but they require a stiff sucking motion. I have tried other "carry/travel" models but they all seem to have some sort of mechanism that requires opening and closing which she can not do with her arthritic fingers -- and besides, she falls back asleep forgetting to close the mechanism. Today, I tried a "Sassy" brand cup with a different type of top but again it required a sucking motion which she can not accomplish. Currently, I am trying a "Contigo" brand cup with a push button on the side that releases the cover on a small opening. She does not have to suck on it, but she has trouble wrapping her hand around the bottle and pushing the button with her 3 fingers.

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Try a kids sippy cup.
Thanks for taking time to respond. I have not been able to find a kid's sippy cup that does not require a strong sucking ability on her part. Have you ever tried sucking on one? They are very difficult.
I think you are on an impossible quest, but I wish you luck! If you do find something that works, come back and tell us ... we learn from each other.

For my own dry mouth I use an insulated covered glass with a straw. I can grab it in the dark and the straw works without taking my sleep apnea mask off. It is perfect for me, but if I fell asleep before setting it back on the night stand it would leak like crazy.

Good luck!
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SoTired - try a store that has a larger selection of baby accessories like Walmart or Babies R Us - there are "sippy cups" that are geared towards toddlers that do not require the hard sucking - although a bit is needed - and they are spill proof. My adult son functions at a two year old level- sevear autism - and in the mornings he likes to pace around the house with his juice cup. Without these spill proof cups I'd have a daily spill to clean up. The cups tend to be a bit larger than traditional sippy cups, maybe 10oz and the designs are geared towards an older toddler. My sons current favorite is Disneys "Cars". So - look for those things to help identify them. Also, they usually have a one piece lid - without the little plastic pluggy thing. Good luck - it may be a search but they are out there.
Well, maybe you could start putting less in the cup, just a few swallows, that way if it spills it's not so bad. Since you have so many cups already you should be able to have 3 or 4 on hand to get her through the night, each with only an ounce or two inside. OR

What about some kind of lozenge she could suck on as an alternative?
sotired, you seem to have a good grasp of what would work and what wouldn't. Have you tried an internet search? Try especialneedsdotcom there seems to be a big selection and since you have tried so many, you might be able to find one that would work for you on this site or do a search of water cups for seniors.
Another thought... what about some long plastic tubing that could be stretched between the container of water and her bed and held in place with a clip, that way she only needs to reach for the "straw" and the container stays in place. I'm not sure how much force it would take to draw the water though, maybe experiment with different size tubing?
At a place that sells things for handicapped people,a medical supply,I found a very light clear plastic cup that had handles on both sides and a flat ,bigger than the cup,circle on the bottom and it came with 2 different lids.That worked pretty well with Mom and then she also had a cup holder attached to her wheelchair she used.Good luck on finding one that works for you.
I like the idea of less in the cup. Using small water bottles with only 1-2 oz. left inside-the spill would be minimal. But one could place a towel or absorbent mattress protector just under the sheet. Anyways, lay out a towel under where Mom is likely to spill.
Wouldn't it be great to have a beeper go off when you lifted the cup, and turned off when you put the cup back? Then, no falling asleep holding the cup.
Yes, Luckylu! Maybe a cupholder attached to the bed, closer than the nightstand would be? Great advice! Even the bigger bottomed cup may not spill over.

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