I have recently seen real improvement in my husband's so-called dementia, as three different doctors told me he had. An adjustment in meds and addition of a good anti-depressant has given us both a normal life again. It appears that his supposed dementia was medication induced. He had extreme surgery ten years ago in which his esophagus and 2/3 of his stomach removed. He has been on pain meds and anxiety meds ever since: Tramadol and Clonazepam. The dose of the latter was reduced and Mirtazapam added. The change was almost overnight.

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My mom improved on mirtazapine too, for a little while.She was prescribed it as a sleep aid so perhaps it was simply that she was more rested, but she was much more herself when we started using it. Sadly she has since declined again, but she is very old and frail and has many other health concerns, hopefully your husband's improvement is permanent!
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It was the MD who tried several antidepressants that didn't help who put him on the Mirtazapam under the guise of something else.
I had questioned the MD about the medications causing his problems, as I had read that meds can have symptoms of dementia.
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How wonderful for you! How did you happen upon this solution?
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