My parents were both in a memory care facility and I am the sole caregiver even tho I have 3 sibs. who live out of state. My Dad recently passed. I have previous posts about the nightmare of dad on hospice and my MIA sister's continuing harassment.

A couple of days ago my mom's sister, her husband and daughter visited my mom in the memory care. Keep in mind that prior to my Dad passing, they have never visited Mom at the memory care even though they live nearby. This aunt and uncle do not have a lot of communication with me and are mostly knowing about my mom and Dad thru my MIA sibs.

My brother sent me some photos that they took while there. (which were sent from one of my MIA sibs).. one photo is innocent.. my aunt and cousin posing with my Mom and they brought her Starbucks. The other photo is a close up photo of her arm... with a bruise on it... which looks way worse then the bruise on her arm actually looks.

I find out later that my uncle took the photo.. evidently they were their to FaceTime my sister (the one that sent me the horrific text about my Dad's death)... but there were other people out there they decided to just send pics. One my sister saw the first pic she asked for a close up of the bruise... keep in mind this sister is MIA and before my Dad's illness didn't even ask if my mom was alive or dead.

This close up pic got sent to my other MIA sister, and to my brother.. and my brother sent it to me... it look like a pic you would take to prove some kind of negligence.

I wrote an email to my aunt and uncle to just tell them the situation of my Dad's death from my perspective.. and to describe just how MIA my 2 sisters were.. and sent them the exact horrific text my sister left me .. to let them know it was an explosive situation.. (which they might as well have thrown a match on with that closeup bruise photo)..

My aunt answered back that while she has sympathy for the situation.. they did not mean for the photo to be used in a negative way and does not want to get involved... hmmm.... sounds like they were trying to be involved..

Thoughts? Am I blowing this out of proportion.. seems like it never ends...

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Sounds like the aunt is a pot-stirrer. If you mom is in memory care then any charges or allegations will be addressed by the care facility and it's team of lawyers. You don't even have to get involved at all in this round. Actually the more baseless charges they toss at the care home the more ridiculous they will look to the authorities. Let them bury themselves.
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Let it go. The elderly bruise very easily. The skin tears easily to. All they have to do it hit an edge of a table.

Hopefully you have POA. With this you controll the situation. The Nurses cannot give out info to anyone. Even if you didn't have POA. HIPPA laws prevent it. The only thing sibs could do was get guardianship and that is expensive. And, they answer to the state concerning finances.

I agree, Aunt was spying.
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