Are there security systems for seniors with dementia who refuse caregivers and panic when staying elsewhere, as in would likely deteriorate extremely rapidly if moved. I realize there are so many parameters involved in this but I want to learn more of what's available, without listing extensive details right now. We don't live in a "smart" house, and not sure how possible that is since it's a 60 year old house.

Thank you in advance.

I'm not sure what your goal is with the security, but, I like the suggestion that you consult with an attorney to confirm what is and is not illegal in your jurisdiction. There are state and federal laws about electronic recordings. I'd also ask about the liability of letting a person live alone who needs help. Are you the Durable POA or Healthcare POA?

My LO had a good security system when she got dementia, but, she was not able to use it, because she kept setting off the alarm. She couldn't remember the code when they called to see if she was ok. And, she couldn't remember how to disengage it when she needed to open the door. Notes rarely help, because the person either can't process what the notes mean or they forget to read the note.

And, if you are worried of them leaving the house, the doors would still need to be able to be opened from the inside, so they could escape in case of fire. And, if they left for no good reason, you would still need to call 911 report they left the house and wait for help to get to that time period, they could have gotten lost, fallen, been hit by a car or worse. So, there are just so many things about relying on a security system that make it less than ideal for the supervision of people who have significant dementia. I would consider how safe it would be to leave children in a home alone. It's just risky.

I think I would go and stay with the couple in their home for 2-3 days and just observe what is actually happening. Is the stove being left on? Are electrical appliances being used properly? Is there spoiled or outdated food in the fridge? Are medications being taken correctly? Are they really bathing? You'd be surprised. Often we are given false information about how well they are doing. I'd see for myself what level of supervision they actually need and then have a professional do a needs assessment, with you right there, so you can ensure the assessor gets the correct information. Most seniors say they are doing find and need no help, when the opposite may be true.
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Go to Zmodo site and look at their products and prices. You will need a decent computer and smart phones for the caregiver. I started with two IPads and a free app called Presence. I switched to Zmodo and have setup the devices myself. Make sure to have permission in writing, depending where you are placing it (your place or theirs) and if there are legal issues involved in your state (country?). Look through this forum there are several comments with good advice.
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If it has internet you can do a system.

I recommend doing a Google search for alarms. There are so many options available. If you or a loved one is technologically intelligent you can install a state of the art system for less than 1k with cameras, glass break, motion, window, door alarms, floor pads.
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