My Mom lives in an assited living facility with Memory Care. She is fiercely independent and we moved her in while she was still mostly with it so she could find her way around and make it feel like home. That was 8 months ago and was the right move.We encouraged her to stay as independent as she could for as long as she could handle things. When she moved in she was doing her own meds and was religious about taking them. I monitor her meds monthly and now realize it is time to turn that task over to the facility to do as she is not being consistent in taking them. She is adamant that that is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN and she will move out first. She sees everyone else get their meds at dinner time in white cups and she says ("See, they just bring them around and give them out to anybody-they don't even know what's in them".-her perception not reality. Any suggestions on how to get her to make this necessary step and accept it?? She has always been extremely head strong and it was her way or the highway. Makes it very difficult to deal with now. I need some help with this one.

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