Is anyone taking CBD pills for anxiety or pain?

When doing a search for a CBD product that you want to work for you or your loved one it is very important to check out the ingredients. The more the ingredients the less likely that it will be effective for what you are wanting to use it for.
There are too many out here now to know which one to go with exactly and if you are like me, I didn’t like to see my mom in pain anymore and hated to see the amount of medications that she was using on a daily basis.
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My former mil uses a CBD cream or lotion on her legs for diabetic neuropathy pain. It works for her.
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Thank you oaoos1492. Just the answer I need. My husband has dementia too and our dr says it couldn’t hurt trying. Will try your brand. Thanks.
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I use CBD spray with my husband. He has dementia and picked at his skin. CBD oil helps...not perfect, but better. I was told capsules take longer to work, but it would be easier and if you are administering regularly, what difference would it make? We use Plus brand from a natural food store. Batches seem consistent.

I did lots of research online, read a long article in Consumer Reports, checked with PCP and pharmacist. Both said it couldn’t hurt and I was desperate. Good luck.
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