Most people complain about Mom in laws, well mine is Dad in law. My husband's father has lived with us over 40 years. The last 5 years have been hell. Bladder cancer treatments over 60 miles away one way. Him in and out of hospitals. Now he is in remission and doing much better. But him forgetting and annoying his son (my husband) is getting to me. I have wishes, but it does not matter. If you tell him something to put him in place, he acts like a child, stubborn and it's always him. I trying to not let it bother me, but the feelings come out. In eye action, and saying things in my mind. I have talked to my husband about the many, many times he comes in our area. I feel he's on Dad's side always. I am tired of the whole thing, his Dad and his family always first. My family never really matter to him. We are planning to move and he promise to me to put Dad in nursing home, has been broken because of my Son's new girl friend. Who considers that family belongs with family. NO, I do not want this I want time with my husband NOW! I am tired of the whole thing. No one seems to understand the pain I am going through. No answers, no help, just being annoyed to death by my father in law. I am thinking of leaving soon if..

Chris, are you finally putting your foot down now after forty years? ..............or is this something you have spoken up about before. Cause if you have and nothing has changed then I would think nobody cares what you think or feel, and if this is the case then maybe you should have thought of leaving a long time ago.

I made it clear to my Husband that I would never put up with his family living with us right from day one. I knew that wouldn't work then and I know it wouldn't work now. It may make me sound like a b*tch but if you know, you know. If hubs had ever insisted otherwise I would have left in the beginning before it became a problem.

So, if you want to leave, make sure you have protected yourself financially first and have all your ducks in a row. Then leave. If your husband really loves you, he'll show it. Then you'll know.
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Could you tell us a little bit more about the girlfriend situation. Why did your husband break his promise to you based on something she said. That just doesn’t make any sense.
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40 years? Why did this begin? Is he in your home or you in his. Yes, you deserve a life. Son's girlfriend? Why does she have any say, or even opinion in this at all. Very presumptuous I would say.

Get away even if for a couple of days.
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