Need face to face support from others for deteriorating situation with Mom. I love this site and it has been a godsend to me but I'm looking for some local support. I feel like my life has spiraled out of control in caring for my elderly mother who is now 95. She lived with me for 4 years until she went into the hospital 6 months ago and now is in AL under hospice care (for terminal cancer). I never felt very close to my mother, although I thought I could handle her living with me. Big mistake. I thought when she left her home in another city to live with me, she would make friends in my town. Didn't happen. All she wanted to do was talk to her 2 friends from the old neighborhood and then have me provide entertainment for her, which I increasingly did not do or want to do.

While she is now out of my home, thankfully, I'm feeling more anxiety than ever because the AL is expensive and now after 5 months of being there, she is complaining more and more about the food, quality of care, etc. I cut back my visits to her from a few times a week during the first couple of months, to now once every 10 days or so and I can tell that she resents it.

Like many on this site, it's hard to find anyone around me who understands or can really empathize. My boyfriend is great, but he can only take so much. I pray every day that this will all end yesterday. This is not something you can say to just anyone. Everyone thinks my mom is just the sweetest southern lady, but they can't see her the way I do. I dread the thought of visiting her now.

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Thanks, freqflyer. I will check into that...
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Your best bet is to contact your local council on aging to see if they keep on hand a list of support groups.
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