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Mom has dementia and in a Memory Care Community.
her left lower leg is swollen and a little on her right, but it appears to be cellulitis.
Doctor started her on anti-biotics and pain meds a few days ago, today is 3rd day. Doctor also did a skin culture and CRP test, waiting on results.
We don’t know how this happen other than she prefers to not wear shoes in or outdoor and may have been cut or scraped.
I am so worried and only able to visit her once a week without contact and have to keep 6ft distance.
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If she has cellulitis call 911. She needs to be taken to the hospital. My mother had it and they treated her intravenously.
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See a specialist in this; you may need infection control consult or wound healing. My brother actually died of a chronic cellulitis in the leg that went septic into the blood, so it is nothing to ignore. Off to the doc you go. Dependent on what the culture shows, this can even require IV antibiotics. Don't neglect this.
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Marshcath Jul 5, 2020
Thank you. Grateful for your reply. We did find an urgent care that was open on the holiday, though local pharmacy was closed. Called their emergency number and 2 hours later we had the prescription and we are watching our mother closely. Blessings. Catherine
I have a friend (54) who has so many health problems I couldn't list them all.

She routinely gets a little scratch or bump her leg and the next thing you know, her leg is swollen, hot to the touch and red and streaky.

She had this going on about a month ago, I saw it and said "M, you have to go to the ER RIGHT NOW!!" She said her husband won't let her, so I said I'd take her.

She went home and I guess he did see it and was scared, so he did take her to the ER where she was admitted for 4 days, on antibiotics and pain pills. She's back home now, but that leg is still not looking good.

Cellulitis, caught early, is very treatable. Let go, it can kill someone. It is actually infection of the entire limb--using the blood supply as a carrier for infection.

You do not mess around with it. External creams and ointments are useless. You've got to get antibiotics on board, immediately.

If you can't get in to a Drs office, just head to the ER. They can at least run an IV of antibiotics and take a culture.

Caring for it usually means wrapping the leg (or arm) with ace bandages to control swelling and watching for 'weeping' drainage. As far as preventing, well, it's an infection that's settled in a limb, so movement, staying hydrated, watching for sores or other irritants. Seems like some people are very prone to these, although my son had a FINGER that went septic due to an ingrown nail and in 2 days he had red streaks all up his arm. From a FINGERNAIL.
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Not enough information is provided, but the first suggestion is that you should raise this issue with a medical practitioner.
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