Mother living with me me past 4 months. Wants to move out because she thinks my son is stealing from her. Not the case. It's the dementia paranoia. But she's not capable of going back to an apartment by herself. Won't even take a shower anymore! Have someone coming out to do an assessment but I'm pretty sure she'll put up a front.

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I would not worry about you Mom putting up a front. It is common for them to deal with that..happens all the time. The tests are simple, but very difficult to pass if she really isn’t competent. My dad was great at putting up a front too...but could not remember anything longer than 10 minutes. Remembered everything from years ago, remembered nothing from 30 minutes ago. My Dad’s lawyer handed him the checkbook and a utility bill...asked him to pay it. My dad tried to double talk his way around it, tried every kind of distraction, but didn’t pay the bill because he couldn’t retain information long enough to figure what to write.

I think you should be looking to get her placed in a Nursing home. Her Condition is only going to get worse, you should be working on getting this settled now while Mom is determined to move out...take advantage of it.
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If there is time to contact the person who is coming out to do this assessment, do so and explain to them that your mother “showtimes”, or puts up a front for strangers. Chances are, the person will recognize this, but they should be made aware anyway.

Just as an aside, if Mom wants to move out, accommodate her. Start looking for facilities and apply for Medicaid if you need to.
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