Wondering if walking very very slowly might indicate a problem other than a mobility issue. Does anyone have any input on this?

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Yes. A few weeks ago I noticed DW's steps were getting shorter and shorted. Then I noticed she was appearing to show signs of instability requiring more dependence on me. It progressed to the point that she required two people to walk and would not lift her feet to stepout of protective underwear. She has shown terror, in her facial expressions, of falling
It concerned me so much that I called for medical transport to the ER. She can stand but will not walk, even with the aid of two people now.
The usual battery of test are being done. She has received one unit of blood to increase her platelet levels. More tests being done on heart and bladder.
Brilliant doctor not sure if this is related to dementia or not. This is her second night in that place. One more night to qualify for rehab.
I am expecting her to be transferred tomorrow just after midnight. Three nights required to qualify.
This is her second time in two years for this. If she does not improve in rehab, then I must start looking for additional help. May involve institutional care. She will have reached a point that I won't be able to provde all of the necessary care, like lifting , bathing, dressing, etc. It has gotten so bad that she cannot hold an eating utensil and I must feed her. She also has a problem with one of her hands and cannot use a walker. Will not turn around to get into a wheel chair.
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BlackHole Dec 2018
Old Sailor, my heart goes out to you. This crossroads is so difficult for couples. Your love for DW is abundant and obvious. At the same time, you are realistic about your limitations as a mere mortal. Keeping DW safe and keeping you sane might be a new frontier. ((((big hugs))))
Gait is important and is a clue to both physical and cognitive issues. My aunts neurologist always checks her gait and she receives PT to help with balance and strength.
Here is a website that has information.

You could also do a search for gait on this forum for additional information.
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