I'm looking for a good cane. Anyone have recommendations?



I can't tell you what kind of cane to get for therapeutic reasons, but I can tell you where to find a huge choice of styles of canes that make you feel pretty (or handsome), once you know what you need. When I realized I needed a cane for balance, I decided to treat it as an accessory. I got mine from a catalog called "Fashionable Canes." You can order by mail and they'll cut them to the proper length for you. Some are really pricey, some are economical. Mine is a clear lucite cane with silver colored collar, and cost $36. I've had lots of compliments on it, even from a young hipster on the street last week ("Cool cane, lady!")
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Just make sure it can stand up by itself. My mom's cane was always falling over to the floor because it wasn't a quad cane.
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Anyone who really needs a cane should have one fitted by an OT or someone qualified to evaluate their abilities, but before graduating to a rollator my mom's friend swore by her quad canes.
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What is going on? You just asked "Anyone have tips for traveling by plane when immobile in a wheelchair?" https://www.agingcare.com/questions/anyone-have-tips-for-traveling-by-plane-when-immobile-in-a-wheelchair-440931.htm

If you or your father is "immobile in a wheelchair", then why do you need to know about the "Best Canes"? Is the cane for yourself? Please give us more details and information. Thanks.
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