I'm uncomfortable with others I don't know would prefer someone i trust.

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It's called the cdpap program in New York
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I see that your shared more information on your other post:

"I live in New York State. I'm 40 yrs old and living in nursing home 4 yrs. I was approved with an angency that will find me suitable housing with a home aid a few hrs a day because I'm independent just need little things done because lim working with one hand. I can walk but not far. My question is I can have a live in if I wanted but I'm uncomfortable around people I don't know so I want to know if I can have someone I'm very close with take that position and get paid? "

After learning that you've been in a nursing home for 4 years, I'm wondering if the relative would need some training to help you? And would you need to retrofit your house for safety issues (i.e., grab bars, etc.)?

If the relative has caregiving experience, perhaps he/she could apply to the agency, become and employee and get paid that way, as I suspect you don't have the fund to pay him/her.

However, I recall reading that Medicaid may pay, so hopefully someone with more knowledge on that issue will come along and offer insight.
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i'm confused...Your profile states that you're caring for someone living in a nursing home, but also states that you've suffered a massive stoke at a young age and apparently had a tracheotomy, but are in a nursing home and should be discharged any day. I assume you mean the person you're caring for is yourself?

I think the issue of having a relative caring for you is whether the relative wants to make a commitment to do that, whether you're able to pay him or her, whether you'll be coming home with a trach that needs care, whether you'll be getting home health care for continued therapy and nursing monitoring, what other medical conditions you have, and of course whether the relative wants to move in with you and be a live-in caretaker.

Lots of questions. Have you discussed this with the relative you want to live in and care for you? Do you have the funds to pay him or her or would you expect the care to be gratis?
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