Can I purchase space to inter my late husbands ashes and place a headstone?


My husband passed 7 years ago. I have his ashes. My children want a place to visit him so they asked if I would consider interring the ashes and place a headstone. I want Lincoln Memorial on central in Compton, CA.

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msmarydaniel, some cemeteries have places just for ashes. It's a large metal box that has what looks like "drawers". The ashes can be placed in a drawer, and an inscription be placed on the front of the drawer.

Or you can do what JoAnn mentioned above.

Otherwise, purchasing a plot can run thousands of dollars , depending on the cemetery. Then you might need to contact a funeral home who in turn contacts the professional diggers who in turn contacts the cemetery to mark the plot. It all depends on the State rules, you may not need a funeral director. With this plot, you can use it for yourself later down the road.
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Sorry, this is a forum for caregivers. You will need to call Lincoln Memorial. Are husbands parents gone and buried in lots you may be able to bury him on top of one of them. You may be charged for opening the grave. It's only a area big enough for the container about 2 or 3 ft down. Then maybe you can add his info to their stone. Otherwise, you may have to buy a lot.
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