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Hello Lolarod and welcome.

You're probably getting confusing answers to your question because it really depends on what you mean!

Your parents can pay you. Arguably, your parents *should* pay you. And as long as they do this according to the rules in Texas, it won't be a problem if they later on need to apply for Medicaid. After all, if you weren't there they'd have to pay somebody, wouldn't they, and probably a lot more than you cost. So it's not in the state's interest to make it harder for families to manage their elders' care.

This link - - takes you to a page which summarises the programs in Texas which fund family caregivers through social security systems of one sort or another. There are several, see if any is relevant to you and your parents' needs.

Are your parents still able to participate in decisions about their money and how they want their care funded?
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Try this link and see if you can find the correct information.
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Countrymouse Jul 16, 2019
Snap! I must have been reading and scratching my head while you were posting :)
Lolarod, the vast majroity of grown children do not get paid for caring for their parents.... unless the parent can pay you from their own retirement fund [as another here had mentioned].

If your parents can pay you, you would need to draw up an employment agreement as to what are your chores, how many hours each day, the hourly rate, who will pay payroll taxes, and what days off, if any.

You could check with your State Medicaid office to see if your parents can qualify for Medicaid [which is different from Medicare]. Since each State handles their own Medicaid funds, you may or may not find a program that will pay you. Unfortunately, you will not be paid like you would at a job outside of the house.
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Your parents can certainly use their money to pay you. If they are low income and on Medicaid then you can contact the department of health and human services there in Texas & see if they are eligible for home care. If they are eligible then you can be paid through Medicaid.
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Your answer may depend on what state you and your parents live in and your financial situation. I just googled "how to get paid to take care of family members" and lots of info came up. Based on what you find you will then need to see what's specific for your state.
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