Parents 94 and 89. I will be leaving my job and home to live in as their caregiver. They are not vets. Can I get paid a wage since I am not going to earn an income? To who and how do I apply for these services.

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Your parents would pay you, not a service. If they can afford to pay for home care 24/7, it will be less expensive for them to go to AL.
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I echo the previous comments, especially this one: "Your parents have seven children. Why is it you who is shouldering this responsibility?"

If you're the one moving in for 24/7 care, what are your siblings going to be doing (or not doing)? How old is your mother, and what are her issues?

Do you really know what you would be getting into for yourself?

And, yes, what about your H?

What is your parents' financial situation -- can THEY pay you? Would you get what you deserve? If they have money, then you really do need to safeguard your own future. They should pay you with an official caregiving contract.

And why aren't facilities for them being looked into?
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You have received some great information and been asked some great questions that you need to consider before you quit your job to become your parents’ “Full-time” caregiver. 

Even though you have experience working in medical offices for 30 years, you might find that you are not prepared for taking care of your parents ALL BY YOURSELF with NO assistance from anyone else. 

Many health care professionals who take care of their parents 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year will tell you that it is not the same as working in a hospital, medical clinic, or even a nursing home---because at these places, you only work a few hours a day and can go home after work AND you have someone else who you can call to help you if you are having trouble handling the “patient”. 

When you live with your parents as their caregiver, you NEVER have any time OFF. You are ALWAYS ON DUTY!! You will find that you sleep with one ear and one eye open especially if a parent has dementia, tends to wander or fall, or needs assistance with ADLs during the night. You will not be able to leave the house to go shopping or to a movie or to church or ….. because your siblings most likely will not stay with your parents “for a couple of hours” or “a couple of days” while you take some time for yourself.

This website has several great articles related to caregiving. Click on “Care Topics” on the Blue Ribbon on the top of the webpage and go to “Activities of Daily Living”, “Caregiving”, “Care Decisions”, ”Caregiver Support”, etc.

Do you have your own health insurance through your current employment or are you old enough to qualify for Medicare and a Medicare Supplement Insurance? 

If you have your own health insurance through your employer or through the ACA Marketplace; do not quit your job until AFTER your parents and you have signed the Family Caregiver Contract (written by the Elder Care Attorney) and you BEGIN to receive payments as your parents' caregiver. 

The Affordable Care Act Health Insurance requires you to receive a paycheck in order to qualify for health insurance because it is a tax credit and you have to file a tax return to qualify. Once you have an income of $12,000/year and file a tax return, then you qualify for the ACA Marketplace Health Insurance and will be able to purchase health insurance for $100+/- per month. If you have NO INCOME, then you have to purchase health insurance from an "Independent" Health Insurance Company that sells health insurance in your state and not from Marketplace health insurance companies. The premium from an "Independent" Health Insurance Company can be as high as $1,000 to $1,500 per MONTH. 

I commend you for wanting to help your parents so much. However, I caution you to do so with your eyes WIDE OPEN. Being a Family Caregiver that lives in the same house as the family member that you are taking care of is very, very challenging and stressful. Search this website for postings from  other caregivers and read what they have said about their experiences as Family Caregivers. Good Luck.
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worriedinCali Jul 2019
Shes married to a doctor and likely has health insurance through him. She can still get medi-cal without a paycheck if she’s not actually married and on his insurance. You don’t have to have an income to qualify for medi-cal.
Is your husband also moving in to your parents' home?
Why must you give up your job?

Your parents have seven children. Why is it you who is shouldering this responsibility?

Suppose - just suppose - you didn't. What would your parents do then?

It is not necessarily a bad idea, and I am not simply saying "don't do it." But if you are going to do it, do it properly. Before you leave your job and move house, you need to talk to your parents and agree with them:

financial Power of Attorney, for when they cannot manage their own money;
medical POA/health care proxies, for when they cannot manage health and welfare decisions;
a caregiving contract, so that they can pay you for services they would otherwise have to buy from non-family providers, without affecting possible future Medicaid applications.

But you should also look ahead and consider what their likely care needs are and whether in fact you will be able to meet them. Your father has Alzheimer's Disease. Are you confident that you will be able to continue looking after him at home? What support will you have so that you do not burn out?

It may be better if you continue to work and hire caregivers to look after your parents during the day, just for example. There will be a range of options to think about. What you mustn't do is cross your fingers, move in and hope for the best - it'll be a mess and you'll be sorry.
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gladimhere Jul 2019
And see an elder law attorney to prepare a caregiver agreement so your folks pay you according to the laws in your state.

Do your folks have resources so that they can pay you?

Quitting a job for a volunteer position caring for your folks will have a lasting effect on your retirement.

I will say do not do it unless your own retirement is well planned and funded.
If your parents cannot afford to pay you......Every state has programs that pay family caregivers.some are through the state medicaid program, some are not.

however all of these are for low income people and have income & asset requirements. I see that you are in California. If your parents are on medi-cal, they may be eligible for in-home support services which would pay you but it’s minimum wage pay and you won’t be paid for 24/7 caregiving. If they aren’t eligible for medi-cal then they aren’t eligible for IHSS and you can’t be paid unless your parents pay you.
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Your parents would be the ones paying you.

There are very few programs that will pay a family member to provide care.
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