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Been trying, unsuccessfully (fax, voicemail, certified letters), to connect with the Florida Medicaid office(s).

Wondering if anyone could shed some light on the Florida medically needy program. Is dental covered under the medically needy program? I ask because I took my mother (89 y/o) to the dentist yesterday and was shocked after her appointment and treatment plan recommendations. Approximately $6,000! yikes!! cavities, root canals, x rays, cleaning and a replacement dental bridge. help / information needed asap, thanks.

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That's a lot of dental work for anyone. Depending on how many root canals etc. you are looking at least 5-6 visits to get this work done. Your mom may not be able to handle all the work done. It would be stressful for a middle aged adult, let alone someone who is 89. If it were me I would wonder why any dentist would want someone that old to get that much work. Medical scams and older adults go hand in hand. I would get the x rays, cleaning and cavities repaired, bridge replaced and skip the root canals. Usually a tooth getting a root canal requires a crown.
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First, I would not get all this work done on an 89 yr old woman. She will get a rootcanal, then she will need a cap.

I just went to the rootcanal Dr. He says the tooth that is bothering me cracked. Maybe totally cracked but won't know till he starts the root canal. If so, it will be pulled. If not, means 2 appts 45 minutes away. Then I know my dentist will want to cap it. Another 2 appts. Its a very back tooth so, I just made an appt to have it pulled. Been there know what to expect.

I would ask what you can get away with. If the root canal effects a tooth in the back that you can't see, I may have it pulled. Cavities yes, they should be done and her partial. But cavities if small can becwatched and done at a later time. If she has no insurance, I would mention that. Maybe she can get a discount. Make payments.

See if the Social Service Office is open in your area. Then go in personally and talk to someone.
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What If I Have Questions About My "Share of Cost"? If you have questions about how "share of cost" works, what expenses count, or what proof is needed, contact the Department of Children and Families at: 1-866-76-ACCESS or 1-866-762-2237, 1-800-955-8771 (TTY). We will consider your eligibility for assistance without regard to race, color, sex, age, disability, religion, national origin, political belief or marital status.
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I don't know if this will help as I have not had time to read through this.

I don't know how much you know about medically need program, but if your amount is $2800 then on the day you meet the threshold, Medicaid will cover everything from that day on.

example # 1: On the 27th you are up to $2775, then on the 28th you have $30 charge, Medicaid will cover the $30 plus anything else the rest of the month.

example # 2: If on the 1st you have $2801, they will cover the $2801 plus anything else the rest of the month.

(At least that was the way it was a few years ago before my wife qualified for full Medicaid under LTC, although she is at home she is still considered a long term care patient.
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