My doctor told me it was my Diabetes. I was wondering if there is any programs that help pay to get your teeth pulled and dentures? I just get SSI I don't get enough money to have it done. Any answers?

Have you confirmed exactly what is actually covered by Medicaid? I thought there are SOME procedures that are covered. I would confirm and get it double checked to get any services you are entitled to. Also, explore options with your county social services agency. You can check with any nearby dental schools too. Also, you might check with dentists that accept Care Credit credit card. It covers dental expenses. You can find the company online. I have no affiliation with that company.
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And a relatively recent discovery. The link between gum disease and dementia.

Call the area agency on aging. There may be dentists that will do services.
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I am not sure about any dental schools close I will check into that and it has probably been 2 yrs since I have been to a Dentist I appreciate your information I will keep it all in mind about it getting in blood stream etc thank you!!
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If there are any dental schools in your area you may be able to call and get an appt there. The dental students do the work under a DDS supervision in a clinical setting.

Keep an eye out for free dental clinics. I live in Maryland and there is a free dental clinic scheduled 2x/year, but the line is very long and you may not get seen.

Pay for an evaluation from a dentist in your area to determine the severity of your periodontal disease. Pulling teeth is much more affordable than root canals, etc. Explain your circumstances and maybe a dentist will put you on a payment plan and perform the work.

Its a shame your Medicaid doesn’t cover dentists where you live but goodness knows we don’t make the rules.

Purchase a Water Pic or Sonicare toothbrush as they clean mouths very well. Use an antiseptic mouth wash to keep bacteria low.

When was the last time you saw a dentist? Just trying to get an idea of how much work you’ll need to pay for.
I would start saving if only a little at a time and see a dentist on your own. Tooth infections/abscesses can cause bacteria to get in your bloodstream and cause a heart valve infection or bacterial sepsis, so this is important.

There are very few resources to help pay your dental bills and pay for dentures as well. Dental care is expensive but necessary. Many seniors have the same problem paying for dentures. I think dentists make a killing on their fees. Also most if not all dentists require payment up front before they do the work probably because once the work is finished it was hard to get paid from the patients and the dentist lost a lot money b/o this so their policy has changed to prevent this.
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