My mother has Alzheimer and is saying that I am cussing her, so my brothers have placed a spy cam in the house. They are recording me on a daily basic without my consent.What can I do?

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A couple of things come to mind. First off, what are the laws in your state. Is consent required for video surveillance, audio surveillance? Who owns the home? Do you reside there or just come in during the day? What is your "expectations of privacy?

They may not be able to legally do this without your explicit consent.

Regardless, I agree with FF - let them get some hands on time and when they realize that they are being accused, they will understand.
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What you can do is educate your brothers about Alzheimer's and the side effects. Apparently they don't realize that some Alzheimer's patients can make up stories.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page... on your far left you will see ALZHEIMER'S CARE.... click on that and find the articles that you feel your brothers need to read, copy them and give them to your brothers.

Some times it is necessary to have cameras if someone feels there is abuse, but those cameras can back fire with the caregiver walking out. Who wants Big Brother watching you all the time. It creates a very uncomfortable position especially when you know you are doing nothing wrong.

Maybe it is time for the brothers to start helping with the hands-on care.
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