I puree all my parents meals. I bought a new brand name blender to replace the one I had, but it does not seem to puree all the food. My parents cannot tolerate any particles in their meals. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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be careful, my mom finally got into the intubation after her dysphagia problem with aspiration pneumonia, they really need to do barium swallow test, to see whats going on and WHY the food in not coming thru. like in mom case its because of her diverticulitis, so she need to be on puree food forever, but there a lot of different problems connected with dysphagia, so just preparation of puree food may not help
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I used a "Bullet" blender and that worked well.
Sad thing is I have an awesome Vitamix but the "personal" blender cup does not fit on the large unit that I have and there was no way I was going to spend another $400 for another blender. So I got the Bullet and it worked well. I started doing a lot of soups and those I could do in the large blender. I also used my food mill for a lot of things.
I would not spend a lot on the stick blenders as they do not have the power a "Ninja or Bullet" has. For most things a regular blender will work well you just have to do more than 1 or 2 servings.
I also used food to thicken many things rather than the products like "Thick-It" I would just add extra potatoes, carrots and other veggies and reduce the water to get the soups real thick. Split pea was a real winner as was "loaded baked potato soup"
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Maybe try a blender or a "Ninja" type food processer? My Oster blender is a beast!
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Have you spoken to the speech therapist who evaluated their swallowing about how to prepare their food?

I don't think that either a home blender or a stick blender is going to provide sufficient power to get to the consistency that you are seeking.

You really need to talk to a professional about how to go about preparing their food safely.
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