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I just googled it. Look at for the answer. Read this article, How To Clean An Air Mattress With Pee On It Effectively.
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MACinCT Sep 7, 2023
The OP never mentioned an air mattress. If it is a regular mattress with a lot of urine then it may take several days to dry. Sometimes mold sets in
Next time, go to Walmart and get one of those waterproof mattress cover sheets. The feel like cloth and not plastic like. Approx $40
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Grandma1954 Sep 7, 2023
Depending on the air mattress placing a waterproof mattress cover may restrict flow.
I would consult the product information before using waterproof coverings
I would use Clorox Urine Remover.
or if you cant find that
Odor Ban.
Both work very well.
The Odor Ban is great for all sorts of cleaning.
I use it in laundry, cleaning the floors and you can dilute it so it goes from a mild solution that can be used to freshen the air or furniture to a stronger sanitizer.
(gets urine odors out, makes the dogs blankets and beds smell fresh. All sorts of uses.)
If the manufacturer of the mattress is known to you a call to their "800" number or an email to them might help, they may have recommendations as well.

If this is a "therapeutic" air mattress like ones used on a hospital bed and not a "blow up" one most of them are or should be easily cleanable and they should not absorb fluids. so cleaning, sanitizing should not be a problem.
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