What are my benefits under the VA assistance program?

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Betty, this is a very broad question. More information is needed as to which specific program you believe you would qualify for.

Are you a veteran? Veteran's spouse? If the latter, is your spouse already getting health benefits? If not, you'll need the start the process for yourself.

You can contact your state, and/or county government or local VA hospital to find out how to get started. "Service officers" can help you with the process and guide you through the maze of VA regs. They can also help determine whether or not you're even eligible for VA benefits.

Some veterans' organizations such as VFW and American Legion also help.

Don't go to a private company. You don't need to pay, nor is it legal to charge to help someone qualify for VA benefits. These companies make money by reviewing your asset portfolio as part of the qualification process (you can list your assets yourself) which gives them a chance to determine if there are assets for which they can charge management fees by reorganizing your portfolio.
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