My 80 year old Aunt is getting ready to go to work. She cleans homes twice a month. She's been up talking to someone, but no one's there. What's happening to her? She yells at me if I ask her who she's talking to or if I ask is she ok. She gets angry with me for no reason most of the time, even when I try to help, so I just stay out of the house most the time. She wants everyone to think that she has it all together but I know she doesn't.

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Lauper, it might be time to have your aunt checked for an urinary tract infection. Since infections on older people can mimic dementia. The infection can be cleared up with antibiotics. Your Aunt's primary doctor can run the test, or you can take her to an urgent care that can run the test on-site.

When my Dad had an urinary tract infection, he was seeing ants on the wall and in his food. The facility humored my Dad by bringing in ant traps until we could get him to his primary doctor.
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Sounds like it could be the being signs of dementia. Is she taking medications? Are any of them new? She could have a UTI, this can cause off the wall behaviour. She needs to be seen by her Dr.

Her behavior is not because of you. You have done nothing wrong! I am telling you this because my mother became very mean and nasty to me, and I was taking it personally. I thought I did something wrong! Turn out, she has vascular dementia. My mother's behavior had/has nothing to do with me. It is the disease!

Take your aunt to her Dr and tell him/her what is going on.

Best of luck.
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againx100 Jan 2019
Excellent advice here.

Do any other relatives go see her? Have you compared notes? Is anyone already taking her to the doctor, etc.?
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