My parents are in their 80's and need to stay in their own home. I have trained as an helper at companions and am helping other people but would rather help them, they really need me there. I assist with their walking, eating, putting on their clothes, bathing etc. But, I have to get a salary to pay my mortgage and bills or I can't survive. Does anyone know who to call in Ct.?

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Ask your agency if they can take them as a client.
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Gina, a vast majority of grown children do not get paid for caregiving their own parents.... unless, as mentioned above, your parents can pay you from their own retirement fund. Thus, you become "self-employed" and would need to pay quarterly estimated income taxes, along with payroll taxes.

Or have your parents call the Agency where you work and hire you... but the cost to your parents would be a lot more as an Agency charges more per hour then what you receive as a salary because the Agency is licensed, bonded, insured, and has workman's comp benefits. Some Agencies have health insurance for their employees.

Speaking of health insurance, do you currently receive health insurance through your Agency? If yes, and you leave the Agency to take care of your parents, then you would need to purchase private health insurance, unless you are old enough to receive Medicare.

Remember when you work for client you get to go home and recharge. From what you described about your parent's needs, you could find yourself working 3 full-time shifts per day. That in itself is very exhausting depending on your age and health. If you are senior yourself, it will age you quickly.
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Do you parents have sufficient funds to pay you? Then Grandma1054's advice about contracts is applicable.

Are either of them Veterans? Explore what funding might be available to them for this purpose.

Are either of them on or eligible for Medicaid? That is another program that can provide some funds for their in-home care.
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You can and they can pay you.
A contract should be drawn up.
Approach this like you would any other business contract.
Write out hours, job duties, responsibilities, rate of pay. Decide if you will live in or come and go.
You can contact a lawyer to help draw up the contract.
If either of your parents are Veterans there is a program called VIP (Veterans In Place) and the Veteran is assessed as to how much help is needed and a budget is assigned. That money can be used to pay for a caregiver as well as other services that will allow the Veteran to remain in their home. (lawn services, house cleaning, repairs...) Great program but there is paperwork involved.
So if either are Veterans, contact the VA first. If not contact a lawyer to help draw up a contract unless you can find a contract on line that will protect you and your parents.
Do not forget that taxes must be paid, not sure if unemployment has to be paid but Social Security will have to be paid.
Great thing is you are lucky this is your parent as you can get paid if this were your spouse you could not get paid. (not fair if you ask me!)
I strongly advise you to get another caregiver as well. Being a caregiver every day is a strain. Mentally and physically. So if you can do 3 or 4 days a week and have someone else do your off days that would give you and your parents a break.
Ask at the police department if a background check can be done on anyone you hire.
Get a safe for any important papers or money or medications that have to be left at the house. Daily medications should be put in an area where your parents can not get them and keep only as much as is needed available. (This is if you have anyone else tending to your parents)
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