I'm an only child and I'm not sure what her income is anyway anyone can help me??? I'm not in great health either, I've had throat cancer and I've got high blood pressure! Please help!!

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Nannie, I noticed on your profile that your Mother has Alzheimer's/Dementia, is there any way of asking your Mom what type of income does she have coming in? Since she lives alone, I assume she is still able to pay bills, and do things on her own.

If your Mother had employment she would be getting social security.... or if she married to your Dad for a certain number of years, and he had passed, she would be getting his social security. Usually SS is an automatic deposit into a checking or savings account. Would your Mother mind if you looked over her bank statements so you could find out what monthly income is available?

Are you concerned that your Mother would need a higher level of care, and it all depends on her income what she would be able to use? Even if her income was very low, your Mother could apply for Medicaid, and Medicaid could help pay for any continuing care, mainly a nursing home facility. But it sounds like your Mother isn't ready for that since she lives alone.

Curious, since you mentioned you have high blood pressure, that can be controlled with prescription medicine. Majority of people over the age of 60 have that medical condition. My parents both had it and lived into their 90's.
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