I have a friend that I will be visiting on Long Island, NY who is on dialysis and has recently had over 3/4 of his right leg amputated. I live in Texas. He may move to Texas so that I can help him. He has no family that can/will help him. I am going to New York in a few weeks to visit and make moving decisions. He is on medicaid. I am a single mom on a teacher's salary and I was wondering if there might be any place in the DFW area that might give me a discount to have a wheelchair platform and receiver mounted to my car or who I might contact in this area to ask these questions.

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Great advice above.

Does your friend also receive Disability benefits? I wasn't sure how old he is. I'd look into that.
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As one who has dealt with TX medicaid for my mom & with my mil who moved from another state to TX, it will not be at all simple or easy.....I'd first suggest that you clearly find out just how his current dyalysis is being paid & if the place he goes to has facilities by your DFW home. There are 3 big players for dialysis who are all over the US. Dialysis can qualify as special coverage for those under 65 by Medicare (Medicare not Medicaid) so if he's on Medicare already, this will make some transitioning easier.

Freq is spot on about needing to apply for TX medicaid. He will need to show TX residency. If you are determined to do this, I'd rent a postal box nearby your address to become his "new" address. Like ups stores have mail boxes but what can be oodles better is one of those mailing & shipping locally owned biz that are nearby colleges & universities as you can develop a relationship with them so they call you when there's mail. I'd try to keep your address from being commingled with anything to do with him. He needs to get his banking to a bank group that has branches in DFW area. Personally i'd stay away from BoA as they are tres difficult with accepting POAs. He opens a new account with you as a signature on the account (only his SS# is tied to the with the new address and gets his income (SSDI ?) direct deposited into the new account. He will need to get a TX ID or TX drivers license, they will require he turn in his old states drivers license. As an aside on this item, for my mil she was advised to get a dupe of her old LA id so she would have one to hold onto and 1 to turn into TX to get her new TX id. For mil all was in the post Katrina chaos btw.

If he owns any real property in NY or owns a car registered in NY, those will be non exempt assets for TX Medicaid and will keep him from being eligible. Although they can have a car & a home as exempt assets, it's only good IF the home is his residence/his homestead in TX. He will have to sell the property and do a spend down of the proceeds to the sale to become impoverished for TX Medicaid. The car will have to be registered & insured in TX. My MILs NH moved en masse from new Orleans to Houston and those who still had homes back in LA we're ok for TX Medicaid for about 6 mos, then either they had to sell the home ASAP and spend down asap or move back to a NH in LA or family had to sign off on a private pay contract for them to stay in Tx. There was no grey area or latitude either.....

TX Medicaid took almost 6 mos to process my moms application. It was over 100 pages of documentation attached to it also. Now this was for LTC Medicaid in a NH. If community based Medicaid is similar to the time needed to process my moms, it will take months to get coverage, so unless his current Medicare providers are also in DFW and can transition his care plan, there could be lots of private pay or copays needed. Whatever you do never ever personally sign off on any documents for him as you will be liable & responsible for payments.

Personally I would advise against the move as its going to be lots more work than you ever thought and will effect your own child's life and the time you have to work, be prepared as a teacher and be a mom. If there is an glitch with medicaid or delays due to lack of documentation from NYS, the costs will be horrendous; if he gets all dependent on you, well dear you are going to run ragged & your kids will be adrift. He may be better off by you helping find him a group home or board & care home for him to move into in NY. Then maybe once he adapts to his new amputation and can self transition, he look into moving to TX.

Also if things should go bad & he needs a facility, TX Medicaid NH reinbursement is very low - about $155 a day - so the # of NH that take Medicaid is decreasing as it hard to be profitable. TX seems to really be looking at the medical necessity eligibility requirement for LTC medicaid. Needing diayslsis and having a leg amputated may not meet the skilled nursing care required for LTC in a NH medicaid. So he could end up living with you for years & years......
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One very important thing, your friend would need to apply and qualify for Medicaid in Texas.... Medicaid does not cross State lines. He better do that immediately if he plans to move to Texas any time soon.
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