Is there any assistance to replace an outdated heat pump that has quit working?

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Another thought - contact your local federal representatives. They're not too busy working right now so they might be able to help and identify other sources of assistance for you.
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Contact the community in which you live. Ask either for the Senior Center or Building Inspection departments. (I'm assuming someone in your family is a senior.)

There's a HUD program that provides community grants for emergency repairs to income qualified applicants. As I recall, the grants are issued around the beginning of June or July but aren't always received or made available timely to potential recipients.

I see from your profile that you're caring for someone with cancer, or that you yourself are battling it. Contact your local Gilda's Club and ask if they know of any cancer agencies that might help. Gilda's Club does to my knowledge not have funds for that purpose, but they are a resource center and might be able to direct you to someone who does.

You could contact your local tv stations; some have public interest programs and are able to locate donors who's supply the labor and equipment for free.

Two more alternatives are Habitat for Humanity, Christmas in Action, and certain churches (which you'd have to research online to locate) which have chore and home repair programs.

I believe that the primary criteria for receipt of help from any of these organizations and/or under grants is low income status, so you'll have to provide income verification for you and your parent.
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