My mother lives alone in another state and is unable to do housework as well as she once did due to constant pain from bone on bone arthritis

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If your mother needs free services for that, how will she afford any other help? What is her plan going forward? Often people believe they can "age in place" or continue to "live independently" when what actually happens is their family starts orbiting around them and then becomes exhausted because this "solution" is not sustainable for long. I guess I'm encouraging you to have a larger conversation with your mom about the realities of aging. FYI be very careful about choosing to have her age in YOUR place, in your home. Many a loving adult child has become completely burned out being a 24/7 caregiver to a parent who didn't want to transition into assisted living. If she can't afford it, this is what Medicaid is for.

Also, my own 91-yr old mother has bone-on-bone arthritis in her knees. She has had gel injections, cortisone shots and takes Tylenol. She has relief, mostly. Suggest to your mom to call her doctor about getting into a pain clinic. There are options for therapies that are probably covered by Medicare.
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Maid services can be pricey but there are more than likely several women freelancing in the area who charge much less, and unless your mother has extraordinary needs she likely only needs help monthly.
Have you considered a robo vacuum?
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This question comes up frequently. Not to be harsh. Free services are difficult if not impossible to find. Generally a family member needs to step and clean a loved ones home. You may be able to get some help from Area Agency on Aging. This is a precautionary tale on the need for working and saving for your old age to be able to pay for what you need. Old age is not cheap and certainly not free.
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