Aids & Attendance is only for those Vets that were serving during Wartime. What you need to do is find Dads discharge papers. TG my Dad kept everything in the same envelope he was given at discharge.

Call your County VA office with service info. They can tell you what benefits are available to vets.
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Contact your local VA. Is her husband still living? What I have found is that most benefits are for the veteran only while they are living. The spouse doesn’t get benefits until after the veteran has passed. Aid & attendance is income & asset based so not everyone qualifies and the benefits the VA offers aren’t blanket benefits that apply to all veterans, for example some benefits are only for veterans who served during a war. Others are only for veterans who retired from the service. Others are for disabled veterans. The local VA office can determine what your mother is eligible for. My dad is a disabled Vietnam veteran, 100% service connected disability. He is living so all my mom qualifies for is Champ VA, which acts as a supplemental insurance to Medicare. She pays no out of pocket medical expenses because champ VA pays what Medicare does not. My dad served in the war but only did like 8 years in the service, so he’s not retired from the military and since he is disabled from the war/was injured during the war, he gets a $3300 a month pension. And the VA takes care of all of his health care. No out of pocket expenses.
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There is benefits for surviving spouse. I applied for my Mom and went thru all
the paperwork it took almost 6 months. After all the stress and waiting we got denied. We were over the income requirements. It would of been nice to
to know that in the beginning before I filed all the paperwork they require.
As a suggestion make sure you meet the financial requirements before you submit all the paperwork. Good luck
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It is a long process to apply for spousal aid and attendance but well worth it.
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Yes...Aid and Attendance is available for the spouse of a vet if they qualify after the vet dies. But there are a lot of requirements. It is definitely worth looking into.
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