How long does the approval process take for VA Aid & Attendance Benefits?

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I have applied for the Aid and Attendance Benefit for my Mom as the surviving spouse of a qualifying veteran. From what I have been told, she qualifies for this benefit however it seems to be taking an awfully long time and it sometimes feels we are now getting the run around...I am sure there are others of you out there who have gone through this....on average what time frame has it taken for this process to be approved, from start to finish....We began this back in February and still it drags on...Thanks for any info you can give. I am Mom's caregiver 24/7 and cannot work because I cannot leave her.

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Only God knows what the VA does with our applications. We are still waiting having filed May 30th. I got Sen. John McCain's office involved, but who knows if that will do any good. Hope you receive yours before us. Waiting, and waiting...
We applied in June 2012 and started receiving monthly benefits in April 2013. We received back pay for the months between in August 2013.
Good luck.
It took 5 months for ours to be approved.. We are in Northeast Florida.. Hope you both hear soon.. We were disappointed in the amount, $221 a month.. does not really pay for my not being able to work and hubby's 24/7 caregiver. BUT I suppose its better then nothing..
I don't know how long it takes as I only now started to think about getting someone for my parents. Now that I know it could take six months or more, I believe I'll start the process now. I need a full-time job and maybe by the time I find one the VA aid will be available. I hope someone comes through soon for you. Thank you for your question, now I know I need to start before I desperately need it.
When I first admitted my Dad to an Assisted Living Facility they told me about a VA Rep. and I called him here in the East Tx area. You might call the Assisted Living facilities and see if they might know a rep. Our representative got us setup within 4 months and with back pay which was very nice. My dad 91 is receiving it now and is making his money stretch a lot further- what a blessing.
glad to read all these VA outcomes as in future I'll be looking at same topic I did not know payment would be retroactive is this a known fact ? many thanks...
my understanding was from the time of application is received at VA
It is a fact that the VA pays retroactively. Payments are retroactive to the 1st of the month following the month of application.
the va will stall you till were all dead. an aging service knows how to cram the apps thru and they dont charge for it. they can make it happen in 4 months.
Thanks everyone for your responses. What I am finding seems to be that it SHOULD take about four to five months...HOWEVER, as with most things, it depends on who you get to assist you. My brother, (who is NOT a caregiver for my Mom) got a woman who is not even in our county to do the inital filings and after months and months, I have discovered had I filed in OUR county and used our VSO it might already be determined...We filed in FEBRUARY 2013 and today I hear it could be another month or disappointing to put veterans and their spouses through this after all they have been through. I have had to resubmit and resubmit and send more info , etc.....It did not have to be this way. I would hightly advise anyone applying for this benefit after what I have discovered the past three or four days to go to a Veterans Service Office and get the assistance of someone who actually cares....but I am not giving up....and I encourge those applying to not give up...thanks again for everyone's response...seems I am in the same boat as everyone else....

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